Partnership. Five Stand Capital's definition of partnership is core to our investment philosophy.

Our partnerships are based on active, creative and reliable relationships executed with strong leadership, achieving maximum shareholder value.

Welcome to Five Stand.

Active. We overcome obstacles for our partners. We enhance all aspects of our investments and avoid costly errors that they encounter throughout their life cycle.

Creative. All partners have different needs. We are able to meet our partners' individual requirements using a creative approach incorporating the needs of the owners, family members, deal structures, and strategies, thereby maximizing the satisfaction of the transaction for everyone. Unique to Five Stand Capital, we are our own source of funds, allowing us to create maximum shareholder value through both liquidity events and long term cash flow.

Reliable. Five Stand Capital's principals have been in business in Atlanta continuously since 1925. We stand behind our reputation and are financially prepared to be the single source of funding for future growth needs.

Strong Leadership. Strong Leadership is the difference. Through team collaboration, utilizing our vast relationships and resources, we facilitate the execution of our partnerÔs business strategy.